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Suture – PGA

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Predictable absorption, excellent knot security, reliable bioabsorbability: After 14 days the remaining tensile strength is 50%

<strong>Comes in box of 12</strong>


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Single channel system with Koijman electrode for photopic and scotopic tests
Small, portable unit that can be used with laptop computer or tablet.

AC or portable external battery powered
Well tolerated by most species without sedation


  • Jet electrodes for small eyes

Rose Bengal Test Strips

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Staining dead and degenerated cells and mucus. Diagnose of KSC and superficial corneal epithelial abnormalities. Each strip is impregnated with 1.5 mg Rose Bengal


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Sterile silicone oil for intraocular application, 10 ml syringe

A long-lasting tamponade in the surgical treatment of retinal detachment

Schirmer Tear Test Strips

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Measurement of tear production

Each strip is marked with a measuring scale and impregnated with a blue or white indicator