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an-bfh 2.2%

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  • Higher viscosity for maximum chamber retention
  • Excellent protection of the endothelium
  • Good counter force to vitreous pressure
  • A cohesive viscoelastic
  • No refrigeration necessary


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Sterile trypan blue solution for intraocular application

Puri Clear, BSS

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Pyrogen free isotonic irrigation solution in plastic bottles for ophthalmic applications. *Not available in all countries

an-cbfh 2.4% (ALAYNA)

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Cross-linked HA for temporary lid augmentation for the treatment of entropion, free of animal components


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Eye gel for a temporary, liquid film coating of the cornea
1.2% hyaluronate with Amino acids

*Only sold to Licensed Veterinarians

an-viscose 2%

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  • Highly dispersive and more liquid viscoelastic
  • Provides protection of the endothelial cells
  • Outstanding coating ability
  • Easy to remove
  • Cost efficient