Single Use Capsular Tension Ring Injector

For the stabilization of subluxated lenses for phacoemulsification.

Our slightly squared edged CTRs delay PCO and stabilize the capsular bag in the presence of weakened zonules.

  • Designed and sized specifically for veterinary use.
  • Sized (when compressed ) to match our IOL sizes


Single use capsular tension ring injector is a combination of a disposable 1cc syringe and an 18g I.V. Cannula with a 18g stainless steel needle acting as the plunger for the Capsular tension ring. A Capsular tension ring injector is sterile and individually packed in a pouch before sterilization.

Direction for Use:

  1. Open the pouch to the sterile Single Use Capsular Tension Ring Injector (by an unsterile person) and drop the injector on a sterile surface without touching it.
  2. Open the protective cap of I.V. Cannula and withdraw the plunger backwards creating space for the tension ring to be inserted in the tube cavity.
  3. Take out the Capsular Tension Ring Injector and feed one eyelet of the tension ring into the capsular tension ring injector carefully using Lens holding forceps (an-vision 620118). Slowly feed rest of the tension ring into the tube cavity. The tension ring is flexible enough to become straight and go into the tube.
  4. Then slowly insert the I.V. Cannula loaded with tension ring through the main port after filling the anterior chamber with viscoelastic (an-bfh 1.8%).
  5. Guide the projecting end of the tension ring into the capsular bag and gradually push the plunger until the tension ring is completely in the capsular bag.
  6. Proceed further to complete the remaining Phaco or IOL inserting Procedure.

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an-CTR-12, an-CTR-13, an-CTR-14