Sterile perfluorocarbon for intraocular application

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Important Note(s) Octa exists as 100% fluorinated compound and is completely free from hydrogen containing by products. In this way Octa is absolutely non-toxic. Due to the high specific weight of Octa the detached retina can be defolded intra-operatively in a very simple and efficient way. Octa is a good prerequisite for a subsequent permanent tamponade with gas or silicone oil. Like all heavy perfluorocarbons, Octa shall not stay inside the eye for long, due to its high specific weight. Heavy perfluorocarbons are in no way vitreous substitutes.

Package sizes: 7 ml vial, sterilized in the finished container, single dose
Storage: At room temperature

Technical Information
molecular weight 462 438
Specific Gravity (25°C) 1.92 g/cc 1.75 g/cc
Specific gravity (37 °C) 1.89 g/cc 1.73 g/cc
boiling point 142°C 105ºC
vapor pressure (37 °C) 13.5mmHg 57mmHg
Kinematic viscosity (25 °C) 2.9 cs 0.8cs
Refractive index (25°C) 1,313 1,270
Surface tension against air (25 °C) 19.0mN/m 14.0mN/m
Interfacial tension against water (20 °C) 57.8mN/m 55mN/m
storage 2ºC – 30ºC 2ºC – 30ºC
For intraoperative retinal unfolding after:

  • retinal detachment
  • PVR
  • PDR
  • giant tears and trauma.

For short-term retinal tamponade. For the removal of luxated lenses and foreign bodies from the vitreous cavity after vitrectomy.

composition 100% fluorinated perfluorocarbon consisting of 96% perfluorodecalin, 4% perfluoroalkanes 100% fluorinated perfluorocarbon consisting of 99% isomers of perfluorooctane, 1% perfluoroalkanes
pack sizes Glass vial containing 7 ml, sterile, single dose