MD2 for Dogs

  • Suture fixable lens for sulcus implantation. Implantation with forceps
  • Extremely thin foldable acrylic IOL for dogs due to the diffractive structure
  • 0.5mm hole in the haptic for suture fixation
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Implantation in ciliary sulcus, suture fixable
Optic size
Body 8.0 mm
Clear optic 7.0 mm
Overall length
15.5 mm
Haptic angulation
Optic design
360° square edged haptic and optic
Biconvex, diffractive structure
Haptic design
Open haptic with holes of 0.5 mm for fixation
Hydrophilic acrylate with 28% water content and UV- absorber
Sterilization method
+39.0 D
Sterile, in water for injection
  • This lens is designed for suture fixation in the sulcus ciliaris
  • This acrylic material is slightly stiffer than our other canine IOLs and has been adjusted to the open loop lens design
  • Highly biocompatible acrylic material with 28% water content