MC1 for Cats

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  • Extremely thin foldable feline acrylic IOL which shows a very soft opening
  • Haptic design prevents vaulting and centers perfectly in the capsular bag
  • Highly biocompatible acrylic material with incorporated UV blocker
  • Hydrophylic acrylate with a hydrophobic surface
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ApplicationFor implantation into the capsular bag
Optic size7.0 mm
Overall length12.0 mm
13.0 mm
14.0 mm
Haptic angulation
Optic designBiconvex, diffractive structure
Haptic designHaptic design prevents vaulting and centers perfectly in the bag.
MaterialHydrophilic acrylate, 25% water content, incorporated UV-absorber
Sterilization methodAutoclaving
Power+53.5 D
PackageSterile, in water for injection
  • A feline IOL with an extremely thin optic due to the defractive structure in the periphery of the optic
  • The small fenestrations at the end of the haptics give more flexibitity and are a vaulting preventive

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MC1-12, MC1-13, MC1-14