IOPvet – Single Use Tonometer

The first single use device for detecting high eye pressure in animals, assisting in the detection of glaucoma, specifically designed for use in veterinary settings.

*Available in the United States and Asia Only

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The first disposable device for detecting high eye pressure in animals.

Key Features of IOPvet:

  • Ease of use: small and lightweight, it provides a clear indication of eye pressure levels.
  • Accurate: comparisons with the Gold Standard of eye care pressure measurement show excellent correlation between other devices.
  • Repeatable: repeated testing of the same eye provides very consistent results.
  • Disposable: cost-effective and hygienic, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection
  • Individually packaged ready for use: provides easy access and storage.
  • Convenient for patient examination: can be used at any angle.
  • Low cost: specifically designed to provide a low-cost disposable solution for the assessment of high eye pressure and glaucoma.
  • Display Units: The device assesses high eye pressure, the display panel shows normal, elevated and high pressure.


IOPvet – Technical Information

Dimensions: 20 mm (W), 15 mm (H), 140 mm (L)

Weight: 30g

Display Units: The display panel shows red, yellow, and green colors to indicate level of pressure.

Connections: The device does not contain any electronics

Storage/ Transportation environment: +5 to +30 degrees Celsius

Additional information

IOPvet Scale Options

Color Scale, Color with Number Scale