Fo-X for Dogs

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  • First canine IOL with extended depth of focus
  • Monofocal lens with D+41.0 that has an enhanced depth of focus of D +1.5 on one side and D -1.5 on the other side.
  • Most myopic and hyperopic dogs can be fully corrected
  • Lens compensates for possible displacement caused by viscoelastics
  • Emmetrope patient benefit from having better nearsight
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Application For implantation into the capsular bag
Optic size 7.0 mm
Overall length 12.0 mm
13.0 mm
14.0 mm
Haptic angulation
Optic design Biconvex, diffractive structure
Haptic design Square edged haptic and optic with an additional 360° barrier around the optic on the posterior side.
Material Hydrophilic acrylate, 25% water content, incorporated UV-absorber
Sterilization method Autoclaving
Power +39.5 to +42.5 D
Package Sterile, in water for injection
  • Hydrophylic acrylate with a hydrophobic surface
  • 360° continuous barrier around posterior side of optic to delay PCO
  • Highly biocompatible acrylic material with incorporated UV blocker

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