easyPHACO Handpiece

U/S Phaco hand piece with cable 3 m, reusable

Product #: VG80001


With Oertli’s easyPhaco, phaco emulsification has made a significant stride forward. easyPhaco provides unsurpassed chamber stability, efficient fragment aspiration and perfect emulsification.

By making use of fluidics technology, easyPhaco enables immediate aspiration of the lens material and ensures perfect followability. The unique design of the tips ensure unsurpassed chamber stability, while at the same time, incredibly high holdability can be felt. Aspiration of fragments runs efficiently and without any repulsions. The focused axial output of ultrasound energy ensures targeted emulsification directly into the lens fragment. And, because the Oertli easyPhaco handpiece is equipped with six Piezo crystals, the transmission of power to the tip happens in a direct and gentle way with less heat development.

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