an-SuproJec microneedle

Micro-needle with Adapter

For Precise SCS Injection into the Suprachoroidal Space in a macroscopic setting.

an-SuproJec allows injections into the SCS for treatment of ocular diseases, assuring an accurate local concentration of the drug wanted. Peripheral organs are not exposed any more to the injected substances and the serum capsid antibody titer will not be produced.*

*B.C. Gilger et al., A Fixed-Depth Microneedle Enhances Reproducibility and Safety for Corneal Gen Therapy.

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A safe and reproducible injection in cases of Equine Recurrent Uveitis in horses.

The an-SuproJec set consists of a 30G needle with 3mm length and two specially designed adapters. The single use set must be autoclaved before use.

an-SuproJec is available as a set with:

  • 30G needle 45°
  • Adapter 1100μm
  • Adapter 1400μm

The adapter determines the depth of the injection, and the angulation of the top of the cannula reduces the collateral leakage.