an-HyPro is a sterile, preservative-free high viscous temporary protecting liquid shield for the cornea. It contains only natural substances compensating for tear fluid deficiency. Due to the physical properties of the used hyaluronate and the high viscosity of the gel a long lasting film is formed. This film supported by its moistening and lubrication of the surface of the cornea has a shielding effect. It helps to reduce discomfort caused for example by low tear production or the wrong composition of the tear fluid. 1.2% Hyaluronate with Amino acids that are part of the natural tear film.

*Only sold to Licensed Veterinarians

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The High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid used for an-HyPro is a highly purified Medical Grade Hyaluronate. And the high molecular weight assures the outstanding viscoelasticity and the linear (non-crosslinked) Hyaluronic Acid supports the cornea healing process.

The tear film contains Amino Acids (like L-Glycine, L-Lysine, L-Leucine, L-Proline) to initiate cornea repair processes – so does an-HyPro and in similar concentrations.

How to Apply
  1. Use one hand to hold the bottle and use the fingers of the other hand to open the eye lids.
  2. Squeeze the gel on the eyeball while you are holding the bottle close to the eye
  3. Do not touch the tip of the bottle to the eye or the eye lashes.
Instructions for Use
  • Do not use if the bottle is damaged
  • Do not apply an-HyPro to an infected eye
  • Do not use the bottle after the expiration date
  • Use an-HyPro with other eye drops only after consulting your veterinary ophthalmologist or veterinarian
  • In case of an irritation and/or redness of the animal’s eye continues after 24h of use consult your veterinarian promptly
  • Do not use the product if the patient is allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Please note that opening the bottle breaks sterility
  • Opened bottle should not be used for more than 10 days
1.2% Hyaluronate, 0.1% L-Glycine, 0.075% L-Proline, 0.01% L-Lysine, 0.01% L-Leucine
One bottle containing 7 ml (5 ml assured issued quantity) or multi bottle packs. 1.2% Sodium hyaluronate and Amino-acids for ophthalmic use sealed with a safety seal integrated in the top of the bottle, for animal use only
  • Store at room temperature below 25° C (77° F), prevent from freezing
  • Do not store near heat sources
  • Keep out of direct sunlight


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