A non-valved drainage device for refractory glaucoma cases

The an-GlauDrain is specifically designed for the use in veterinary ophthalmology, with a soft base plate and being flexible enough to adjust to the different globe sizes (radiuses).

As the an-GlauDrain is foldable, it allows a comfortable placement in the subconjunctival pocket. The base is made of a hydrophobic and highly bio-compatible acrylate, and the connected tube is made of silicone, certified for long-term implantation. This innovative design allows the aqueous humor to percolate out of the eye underneath the conjunctiva which lowers the intraocular pressure.

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Valveless — Foldable — Soft

• The ring structure on both sides of the base plate of the an GlauDrain prevents the tissue from lying flat on the base plate
• The breaks found intermittently in the rings facilitate the outflow of aqueous humor
• The base plate is foldable for easier placement
• The soft plate adjusts easy to the curvature of the globe
• Steam sterilized in BSS.

Base Plate:
Hydrophobic Acrylate ( for long term implantation)
Medical Grade Silicone ( for long term implantation)
Base Plate:
12mm Diameter
Inner Diameter 0.30 mm
Outer Diameter 0.60 mm
40 mm length