For the stabilization of subluxated lenses for phacoemulsification.

Capsular tension rings (CTRs) are circular devices used in cataract surgery to support the capsular bag, which is the structure that holds the lens in place. CTRs are designed to help maintain the shape and stability of the capsular bag and to prevent complications such as posterior capsular tear or capsular contraction syndrome.

Our slightly squared edged CTRs delay PCO and stabilize the capsular bag in the presence of weakened zonules.

  • Designed and sized specifically for veterinary use.
  • Sized (when compressed ) to match our IOL sizes
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12.5 mm
13.5 mm
14.5 mm

Material: PMMA c.Q., blue colored

Sterilization: Ethylenoxid treatment

1 tension ring per package with single use injector

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