an-cbfh 2.4% (ALAYNA)

Cross-linked HA for temporary lid augmentation for the treatment of entropion, free of animal components.

The ALAYNA Soft-Gel product line SG is characterized by a soft, fully hydrated texture that injects easily and without great resistance. The gel spreads quickly and evenly in the injected area, resulting in an immediate visible volume effect.

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Application and Techniques
Injection into the medium or deeper skin level with the enclosed 27G needle after disinfection of the area, use at room temperature, inject slowly. The application can be done by punctual injection (serial punctual injection) or “tunnel injection”. With the serial injection technique multiple small gel depots are placed along the contour of the eye lid through several individual punctures. When using the tunnel technique, the needle is inserted via a puncture along the eye lid and the gel is injected evenly while retracting the needle. The volume to be injected per treated wrinkle differs individually and depends on the severity of the entropion. It is recommended to slightly under correct the entropion. Selection of the injection technique depends on the type and degree of the entropion.

Important: In order to prevent the formation of nodules, an even distribution of the gel should be ensured. Slow injection will help prevent or lessen injection related side effects. Following the injection, the gel should be distributed in the tissue by gentle massage. It is recommended to cool the treated areas of the face for about 10 minutes following injection. After the initial treatment, touch-up injections may be necessary in some cases to achieve the desired correction of the wrinkles.

Mode of Action
The injection of ALAYNA SG 24 Distinct into the extracellular matrix adds volume to the tissue. The effect may last at least 5 to 6 months; however, it is influenced by the depth of the treated eyelids, the technique of injection, as well as biological, lifestyle and environmental factors. Degradation of crosslinked hyaluronic acid occurs enzymatically through the endogenous enzyme hyaluronidase as well as by oxidative hydroxylation.
1ml contains 24 mg of sodium Hyaluronate
Viscosity (mPas)
30,000 – 50,000 mPa.s
Molecular weight (mill. Daltons)
0.8 – 1.2 x 10 Mil Dalton
6.8 – 7.3
One box containing 2 syringes of 1 ml
Store at room temperature, protect from freezing


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