an-Bandage for Horses

Bandage lenses for horses

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Indication Various corneal diseases,
To protect the cornea
Type: Diameter:
an-Bandage H1 34.0 mm
an-Bandage H2 32.0 mm
an-Bandage H3 26.0 mm
an-Bandage H4 30.0 mm
an-Bandage H5 38.0 mm
an-Bandage H6 36.0 mm
Base curve: Recommendation:
18.0 mm Horses, normal eye size
17.0 mm Small horses, ponies
15.0 mm Young ponies
16.5 mm Young horses
19.5 mm Big horses
20.0 mm Horses – larger eyes
Technical Information
Central thickness: 0.5 mm
Power: 0.0 D ± 0.25 D
Material: Polyxylon
Water content: 74.00%
Dk (oxygen): 33

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an-Bandage H1, an-Bandage H2, an-Bandage H3, an-Bandage H4, an-Bandage H5, an-Bandage H6, Bandage lens ruler for horses