Product Number: 10001207

Dedicated guiding rails define the correct loading position of the IOL and the loading cartridge ledges lock the IOL in place, securing the IOL during the closure of the cartridge.
• Large loading chamber
• Unrestricted access for IOL loading
• No force required for loading IOL
• Soft-tip plunger
• Incision sizes 3.2 mm


1. Open the blister in the sterile area and remove the sterile ACCUJECT™ injection system.

2. The ACCUJECT™ system is equipped with a large loading chamber. This allows rapid and precise loading of the intraocular lenses. Hold the ACCUJECT™ injection system in such a manner that the rear cartridge wing can be guided with the index finger of your left hand. Open the loading chamber sufficiently wide so that the lens can be inserted easily.

3. Fill the cartridge tunnel of the ACCUJECT™ cartridge and the loading chamber of the cartridge sufficiently with viscoelastic solution. In addition apply a drop of the viscoelastic solution directly to the silicone tip. Exclusive use of BSS solution is not allowed. When using hydrophobic lenses, let the viscoelastic solutions work for about 30 seconds to achieve sufficient hydration of the lubricating film. After 30 seconds the lens should be injected immediately. Viscoelastic materials may lose their lubricating properties when exposed to air for a longer period of time.

4. Position the lens in the middle of the loading chamber between the silicone tip and cartridge wall.

5. Close the cartridge and exert slight pressure onto the lens optic, using a forceps. This will ensure that the lens is folded in the right direction. Once the “click-lock“ mechanism engages the lens is securely loaded and ready for injection. (The lens should be injected immediately after loading. Viscoelastic materials may lose their lubricity if allowed to stand too long while exposed to air.)

6. Press the injector plunger with silicone tip forward and push the lens into the conical tip of the cartridge.
IMPORTANT: Pull the plunger back a few millimeters and then push forward again. This step ensures that the lens is always grasped correctly.

7. Guide the point of the cartridge through the incision and push it over the iris to the near edge of the pupil.

8. Press the plunger forward slowly in order to push the lens forward.

9. Depending on the lens model, support the correct ejection of the lens by slightly turning the injector. Slowly inject the lens into the eye and simultaneously withdraw the instrument from the eye. To avoid swelling of the silicone tip during ejection from the cartridge, only push the plunger until the lens has emerged completely, even if the plunger is not yet at the limit. 

10. Carefully position the lens, rotating it if necessary with the aid of using a suitable positioning hook.

11. Remove the viscoelastic material thoroughly from the eye and the lens with the standard irrigation and aspiration techniques.


Do not re-sterilize / prepare ACCUJECT™ Injection System. Single use only. Reuse
and/or resterilization may compromise device performance,
which could cause serious harm to the patient’s health and

The appropriate surgical techniques are the responsibility of
the respective surgeon. He or she must assess the appropriateness
of the relevant procedure based on his or her education
and experience.